Preparing multimodal High-Level-Service Infrastructure of tomorrow.

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DESTination RAIL

The aim of DESTination RAIL is to provide solutions for a number of problems faced by EU infrastructure managers. Novel techniques for identifying, analysing and remediating critical rail infrastructure will be developed.

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ECTP Conference on the Main Challenges of the Built Environment faced by the Construction Sector (17-18 November 2016, Brussels)

The 7th ECTP open conference is organised at the Centre for fine arts (23 Rue Ravenstein,...[more]


REFINET at FOX & USE-iT workshop (Brussels, September 15, 2016)

On September 15, 2016, a workshop was organised in Brussels by FOX and USE-iT CSAs...[more]

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ECTP Conference (Brussels, 17-18 November 2016), within the sessions 'Construction Innovation for the Transport Infrastructure of the Future'

About ECTP

ECTP was launched by the construction sector in October 2004 to develop new R&D&I strategies to improve competitiveness, meet societal needs and take up environmental challenges. It gathers around 200 member-organizations from the whole supply chain of the Built Environment.

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This project is supported by the European Commission under the H2020 Framework Programme Grant Agreement no. 653789 signed between the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) and the REFINET Consortium.


REFINET Coordinator
Alain Zarli