What we do

In order to achieve the project objectives, the following activities are implemented:

  • Creating and boosting the REFINET Network (Coordination activity)
  • Defining the REFINET vision (Support activity)
  • Supporting the deployment of the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) (Support activity)
  • Communicating REFINET achievements (Coordination activity)

Overall structure of the work plan

To implement the REFINET activities, the work plan is structured in 5 Work Packages.

  • WP1 – MANAGEMENT is devoted to the management of the consortium. It deals with the governance structure for an effective project direction and management. This WP runs during all the life of the project, from month 1 to month 24.

  • WP2 – COMMUNITY NETWORK BUILDING focuses on creating the community of transport infrastructures stakeholders that will collaborate with the REFINET partners in the development of the REFINET Vision (WP3) and its SIP deployment strategy (WP4). This WP starts in month 1 and finishes in month 24.

  • WP3 – DEFINING VISION AND SIP focuses on elaborating the vision of the European transport infrastructure sector about how should be the multimodal European transport infrastructure network of the future and the Strategic Implementation Plan to achieve it. This WP starts in month 3 and finishes in month 15.

  • WP4 – DEPLOYING SIP focuses on creating the framework that will make easier the future development of the REFINET SIP that will be developed in WP3. This WP starts in month 10, once the REFINET multi-modal transport infrastructure (RMMTI) model is available, and finishes in month 24. The overlapping between WP3 and WP4 will allow taking advantage of the monitoring of R&I projects that will be done in WP4 to create the catalogue of technologies in WP3.

  • WP5 - COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION deals with the dissemination and the exploitation of the results. An awareness campaign towards stakeholders throughout the whole supply and value chain across Europe will be launched. A dissemination plan will be defined and deployed. An exploitation plan that identifies possible actions to exploit the REFINET outcomes will be outlined. This WP runs during all the life of the project, from month 1 to month 24.

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