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REFINET final conference (Brussels, April 5, 2017)

REFINET Coordination Support Action on transport infrastructures, funded by EC within H2020, presented its mains results during FIRM2017 (Brussels, April 5,2017) with about 80-100 participants.

Jesús Rodríguez, PTEC Managing Director and REFINET coordinator of dissemination and communication, opened the session and made some comments on R&I initiatives in transport infrastructures before REFINET and the expected actions after REFINET through ECTP Infrastructure and Mobility Committee.

Alain Zarli from CSTB and REFINET coordinator presented the multi-modal transport infrastructures approach developed within this CSA. Savina Carluccio from ARUP summarized the best practices in transport infrastructures and the available technologies with different TRL values. 

Research and innovation priorities for multimodal transport infrastructures have been identified in REFINET with the coordination of Jesús Isoird and Jon Aurtenetxe from Tecnalia and were also presented in this session. It was pointed out that these R&I priorities are been complemented with contributions coming from National Construction Technology Platforms.

Clemente Fuggini from D’Appolonia presented the recommendations for mobilizing R&I programs in transport infrastructures and a geo-cluster platform, with some conclusions on the lessons learnt from a case study (Railways in Romania).

Finally, after some minutes of debate, Miguel Segarra from Dragados and chairman of ECTP Infrastructure and Mobility Committee made the closing remarks highlighting the need to continue the work of REFINET within ECTP in collaboration with other NTPs.

Source: PTEC